In Loving Memory of
Steven Daniel Parsons

6th February 1982 to 7th March 2000

Much loved and missed

Steven was killed at work on the 7th of March aged just 18 years. He was a trainee mechanic at Truckraft Ltd. He was working under a 16 ton fairground lorry when it fell onto his head and torso, he was killed instantly.

Steven was working under the supervision of Brian Ellis at the time of the incident. Steven attained his training contract and was sent for an interview with the firm by the Doncaster, Rotherham And District Motor Trades Group Training Association Ltd; they were also overseeing his training.

At the inquest, which took place 19 months later in October 2001, a verdict was delivered of Accidental Death but not without Culpability. IT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT! The dictionary defines an accident as something that cannot be foreseen or expected with no obvious cause.

Government Vehicle Examiner, Peter Moses, stated that the method they had used to carry out the job was “UNSAFE AND RECKLESS PRACTICE”.

The Health And Safety Executive prosecuted both Truckraft Ltd; and the owner Haydn Prior under the Health And Safety Act 1974 Section 2 Paragraph 1, “It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as it is reasonably practical, the health and safety and welfare at work of all his employees”.

In March 2002 both the firm and Haydn Prior pleaded guilty, the firm was fined £14,000 payable at £500 a month. Haydn Prior was given a 12 month Conditional Discharge.

17/12/2007 - Update
The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill was passed in July 2007, almost 10 years after the government promised it. The failure to make directors more responsible means there will be no change as there is no deterrent, this comes at a time when deaths at work are rising. They are up 11%, from 217 recorded in 2005/06, The Health and Safety Executive are under resourced and more and more workplace incidents are not being investigated. The fight for Justice and Prevention of Unnecessary Deaths At Work will go on.

Workers Memorial Day is held on 28th April every year, it is an international day to remember those who have been killed through workplace incidents and by work related illness. Up and down the country trees are planted, benches put up, meetings held and lots more. Doncaster has a tree in the Market Place, planted by Unison. For more information on W.M.D go to

10/09/03 - More Television Coverage
Steven's Mum has recently filmed a short Health and Safety Advert for Worksmart aimed at young people warning them of the dangers of the workplace. It will be shown on Bravo and Trouble on the following dates:

28/08/03 - Memorial Day March
On the 28th April 2003 which was workers memorial day, we (Steven's Mum, Dad & Sister) attended a demonstration march through the centre of London to highlight the need for a new corporate killing law. Also Steven's mother, along with other bereaved relatives handed in a petition at Downing Street.

28/08/03 - Governments Proposed Change to the Law
The Government are proposing changes to the current law but we feel that they don't go far enough. We want the changes to reflect the same penalties as in other areas of the law. When someone is killed in the workplace we want it to be seen as a crime and not just a breach of health and safety regulation. The people who are guilty of these crimes should face imprisonment.

28/08/03 - Look North Coverage
Our campaign was featured on BBC Look North on 28th March 2003 which included coverage of this website. Also our preperation for workers memorial day was featured on 3rd April 2003.

18/03/03 - See our press attention online
Our Doncaster Free Press front page cutting.

17/03/03 - Yorkshire Post Today covers our story
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17/03/03 - Doncaster Today covers our story
Doncaster Today recently ran a report on our campaign.

17/03/03 - in the press!
Our website was recently the front page story in the Doncaster Free Press and was also featured by the Yorkshire Post. Many thanks to everyone who has taken time to visit the site and sending their comments.