Mum's Letter

Can this be Justice?

This is a letter sent to the local press by Steven's parents after his death.

On the 7th March 2000 we received the news every parent dreads, our eighteen year old son had been killed. What had started out as just another day had turned into the worst day of our lives. He was a trainee mechanic and had gone to work as usual, but something happened that day, the people who were training him, who were responsible for his safety, made a mistake, a fatal mistake and our son never came home.

Every parent who has lost a child will know what we went through during those awful two years, what we are still going through and what we will go through for the rest of our lives. We are not vindictive people, we did not scream for revenge nor did we throw accusations about, but we had and still have a need in us for some form of justice for our son. We put our faith in the hands of the so called British Justice System, a mistake on our part that has caused us even more pain.

The firm our son worked for and the owner were charged by the Health and Safety Executive and both pleaded guilty. The owner was given a twelve month conditional discharge and the firm was fined fourteen thousand pounds. Is that all a young man's life is worth in this society we live in? Where is justice to be found, we looked for it in court but sadly we did not find it.

And so we ask can this be justice?

Mr & Mrs Parsons